I’m Laura.  I paint intuitively with oil paints, often taking inspiration from being outside, drawing or painting plein air, and coming back to my studio with a heart full of colours and textures from nearby wild places.

My paintings are an exploration into the place between land and love, connection and solitude, they are physical representations of that beyond the physical.  An incantation of the invisible things that are felt by the heart more than seen by the eyes, and thus somehow capturing a place, or a moment, in a way that a straightforward representational painting cannot.

I take inspiration from stopping to notice; glimpses of how the glare separates into white beams as you squint towards the sun, or the magic of the light reflecting off of all the green at the river, or the beautiful white glow that comes when you are tired at dusk.

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I live with my two daughters, in the Saddleworth hills, between Huddersfield and Manchester.  I work from my studio in the converted attic of our home, and am often found wandering the nearby moors and valleys, collecting colours and ideas.  Something about these hills was always calling me to be here.

In using oil paint, a slowness is imposed on the process.  There is something about slowing down to this meditative

state that lets the work reveal itself.  It feels that my job is to almost step out of the way, and let my sense of what is good, what is joyful, guide the painting to paint itself.

I have spent the last twelve years running a sustainable greetings card company (click here to see), illustrating a range of original designs on recycled card.  I have worked on many collaborative and community art projects, and I have exhibited my work at various venues around the UK.

I spent ten years singing and playing guitar in my DIY girl group Hotpants Romance, releasing two albums and touring internationally.  I have a First Class degree from the Manchester School of Art, and I spent two years, co-creating Islington Art Academy, a free, artist-led, art school in Salford.

I am currently painting a series of large paintings for an exhibition, tending my allotment, and recording an album of new songs about love and loss and the strangeness of being alive.

Thank you for looking at my website, and please get in touch if you'd like to know more!