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April/May 2023 - you are invited!

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     Laura Skilbeck
     Between Land and Love

     Sat 29th April – Mon 1st May and Sat 6th May – Mon 8th May
     1 Co-operative Street, Uppermill

I am an artist living and working from my home in Uppermill, Saddleworth. A stone end-terrace
nestled in a valley, at the Northern end of the Peak district. An area of moorland and reservoirs,
rivers and people, and today a bitter easterly wind. I make oil paintings, drawings, recycled
greetings cards, poems and songs.

Between Land and Love is an exhibition of my paintings over the last twelve months, set in the living
room of my home.

The setting is important here, the paintings are deeply rooted in this place. A normal house, among
rows of other stone terraced houses, with a hand painted pink sign welcoming you inside. Inside, a
vestibule of coats and shoes are hung by the door, as if stepping through the wardrobe of Narnia.

Next is the living room; a mix of living room with pink sofas and trinkets of life, and art gallery, full of
paintings. Large and small oils, alongside some sketches, and used palettes. In the
centre of the room, a small and sparkly blue drum kit sits invitingly by a pink gold glitter curtain, with
a black acoustic guitar hung on the wall, as if at any moment a band might strike up.

Some of the paintings are of places, a Christmas tree in a black night or a fire with ‘can’t remember’
scrawled underneath. Some are wonky portraits of everyday objects, an old clock radio or an Easter
egg. Some are abstract incantations, that feel somehow as familiar as the recognisable images
painted here. A large black and pink oil painting dominates the room. ‘Flowers Crying at Beauty’ is
wild and expressive, sort-of abstract, somehow captivating.

This collection, in this place, feels like a shrine to the wonder of everyday things, a diary of visual
representations, both tangible and ethereal. Attention poured onto mundane objects, sometimes
enlarged, their spirit captured in oil paint, as if to say ‘Look! there is nothing mundane here!’


A celebration of the little things, that accompany us in the passing of these days, and a devotion to
looking; to noticing how our world is made up of incredible colours and shapes, light and shadows.

I am interested in how an art practice weaves into a life and a community. How living and working
as an artist can provide tools that are so needed in modern society; slowing down, connecting to
nature, communicating with each other, placing value on simple, renewable things, finding joy, and
overcoming fears.

A small handmade book of poetry accompanies this exhibition. Love, written a few lines at a time is a
collection of twelve poems and heart-felt glimpses of life, loss and love.

Visitors are invited a join me for a for a tea or coffee at my kitchen table, or to join in with the shared
making that will be happening over the six days of the exhibition; printing, including some
alternative photographic methods, sewing, drawing, painting, poetry, gardening and bicycle repair.

Between Land and Love will be open between 10am and 4pm on the 29th and 30th April, and the 1st ,
6th, 7th and 8th May. If it is quiet, you may also get to visit my studio in the attic of the house.

June 2023

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For the month of June, my paintings and prints will be on display in the upstairs room at Fair Trader in Holmfirth
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